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Inanda Fishing Reports

Wow nice fish tyron. @jonni I know those poppers I think its made by cats.
Christmas Big Grin
Yup 5kgs is good. There's this one guy I've seen a vid of, he gives advise with bass fishing, he's caught over I think it was 800 10lb bass, now he's 1 lucky guy!!! I'll share the link for that vid in a few mins.Smile

It tells you his name & how many bass over 10lb he's caught in the 1st 10seconds & then there's also some advise on night fishing after that. Seach ' the bass professor ' on youtube for other video's. That link is to download the vid.
Back in action!!
Ja great catch and stoked for my boet! I'm also glad the post has sparked a bit of excitement in the forum for those who fish at Inanda!
Apparently John Easton (of FishTec) caught the fight, landing and weight on his GoPro and i'm waiting untill he loads it to YouTube. once he has i'll post the link.
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Yup, wait 4 the day till you get a monster 5kg, you'll be the happiest guy aliveBig Grin
Back in action!!
Wow what a dog.
Some bluegill rory caught the other day...

[Image: inanda2701131.jpg]

closeup of above
[Image: inanda2701132.jpg]

[Image: inanda2701133.jpg]
Perfect example of pan size!

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That's a lekka size bluegill!! perfect live bait for a 5 kilo!!
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Reply're living dangerously!! Hee hee
Hahaha I think that first fish with choke a proper size bass. Remember that bass we saw with the bluegill stuck in its mouth still?

Nice catches Yoda
Gillitts, KZN